Israel's Town of Capernaum

Capernaum Inscription

Entrance to the Town of Capernaum

The modern Franciscan Church, built on the house of Peter

The interior of the Church. Notice the glass flooring
- looking through it you will see the house of Peter

Capernaum ruins

It is said that these are what remain of the
ancient synagogue where Jesus used to preach

An Ancient way on the town ruins
The wide, tranquil expanse of the Sea of Galilee
under Israel's pallid blue skies

Lunch enjoyed by Philippine Embassy people, one made heartier
by the magnificent view of the Sea of Galilee

Capernaum in Israel is known as the town of the apostles Andrew, John, James and Peter, but most importantly, it the home of Jesus.

According to the New Testament’s Gospel of Luke, Jesus preached in the town synagogue during the days of Sabbath. One popular story about the town and Jesus is His healing here of a sick man possessed with an unclean spirit.

Capernaum, located at the Sea of Galilee’s Northern coastline, used to be a thriving town with a busy port.

Today, like what we saw during our visit, the place are all ruins, judging from which however you can actually tell the greatness of the town during its original state.
Such ruins were excavated and managed by the Franciscan Order.


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