More on Jaffa's Pishpeshim

Pishpeshim is that Jafo-Tel Aviv area of Israel (which I must say is a place with an eclectic selection of great buys) that has always been a favorite must-go-to place for locals and tourists alike, especially every Friday mornings of the week, just before Shabbat sets in.

Pishpeshim is such a hit to the veteran, hardcore bargain hunters. They are the ones who can match the grim doggedness of the pishpeshim sellers when engaging in "price negotiation" until a haggled amount is reached.

I come to Pishpeshem with the intention of really not to buy --but just to check on most of the items and revel at their uniqueness, and try to immerse myself to the riotous and noisy assembly of sellers, buyers and onlookers as well.

Checking on the gestures of the bodies and hands, and the expression of the faces, I somehow know who between the seller and his client has won in the bid for one's preferred price for an item. More often than not, it's the buyer who prevails.

Nonetheless, I am sure that for the Pishpeshim seller, ten shekkels for the sale of an old, scratched-out cd of bootleg American music is better than nothing at all.

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Shelon said…
I like your pictures!
Ernest-jr said…
Thanks so much Shelon!!

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