Our Visit at Church of Cana, Israel

The only Cana souvenir shop that was open that time

Everyone waiting to be let in to the receiving house

Whiling away the time as we waited for the Church service to end

Some sweet pastries – and really great Cana Wedding wine to go with them

Church of Cana Altar

What can you make of the white light, an orb? Or just some normal camera effect?

The Wishing Well

From the Jordan River, we went to the Church at Cana, Galilee. We were supposed to check a souvenir shop which we had previously visited last November 2005 along with some TV crew from Manila. Unfortunately, the shop and all others in the area were close. One shop owner, who was outside when we came, must have realized the potential buyers in us and so was more than willing to open her shop. Boxes of Cana wine were bought by some, while wooden figures and crosses, and jewelries of silver were purchases of others.

A service has just started when we got to the Church so we had to wait on a receiving place of sorts adjacent to the church. Sister Grace, a Filipina nun who has been in Israel for nearly a decade, runs most of the general affairs of the Church. She was more than happy to entertain us; she brought out some cookies, Easter eggs and grape wine and juices. She even offered amusing stories of the many Filipino couples who had their weddings at the Church.

Finally after almost an hour, the service has ended, and we noticed the priest hastily driving his car out of the Church parking area. We were told he has another mass to say at the Basilica of the Annunciation, one of the most visited Church in Israel by Filipinos, for the Arabic Christians.

Since it was almost 6:30 PM, we just made a quick tour of the Church and said our short prayers. Further down underneath the Church was a wishing well of sort. One’s wish is written on a piece of paper, and the idea is to make sure that the paper is thrown inside the well. With all my might and a strong flick of the finger, I sent the paper off flying from the rim of the well’s glass casing and into the insides of the well.

I still can’t get over missing our favorite shop if only for its nice lady owner. Hopefully, we can all go back to Cana and be all ears again to her sweet songs. And perhaps she may again generously offer us another bottle of good Cana wine for us to drink lustily as we get enthralled by the beauty of her voice.


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John & Angelica said…
Hi Ernest,
It was a joy reading your blog. We are a Filipino couple based in Singapore and we will have a pilgramage to the Holy Land this May/June. We have not signed up on a tour and we arranged things all by ourselves. Can you give us some info, especially going to Cana from Nazareth and also accommodations? Thanks a lot.

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