Visit to Israel's Jordan River

Bottled Holy Water: I am aching to know
if it's for consumption or external use, anyone please?

Words from the the First Chapter of the Gospel of Mark
of the Holy Bible's New Testament

Portion of Jordan River opposite the Baptism site

Philippine Chargé d'Affaires and Mrs Asuque

Tourists wading and getting wet at the Holy waters of Jordan

Christians at the Baptism Site of Jordan River

Baptism rites at Jordan River

We were lucky to have witnessed the baptism of several Filipinas, together with some South Koreans at the Jordan River.

I managed to talk to one of them, who told me that she is a tourist and purposely traveled to Israel just to be baptized at the Jordan River.

One of her companions was visibly shaken and crying uncontrollably after having her head and body immersed in the waters of the river.

In no time she created a sort of fuss; other visitors rushed to check on her and see if she’s okay.

And while I myself was taken aback, I presume it was just her way of reacting to having finally “received” the Holy Spirit.


Rainbow River said…
The subject of the "Jerusalem Syndrome" does intrigue me. However, immersion is a life-changing, transformative event. I won't be the judge of her unconventional enthusiasm...

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