Church of Heptapegon, Tabgha Israel

Church of Heptapegon, Tabgha Israel

Ancient press at the church courtyard

One of the many bird nests found on the
wooden beams of the Church's ceilings
The altar of the Church of Heptapegon is built over the stone where
the Miracle of Multiplication occurred
The mosaic representation of the bread and fish

Just near Tiberias and Capernaum of Israel and the Northern part of the Sea of Galilee is Tabgha (also known as the Heptapegon or Seven Springs). In Tabgha is where you can find the Byzantine-style Church of Heptapegon, said to be the site of the Miracle of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish.

During our visit to the church, I immediately noticed the dominance of exquisite mosaic art as its main ornament. In the middle of the church is found the stone, upon which is where Jesus Christ was said to have performed the miracle of feeding the five thousand people with the loaves of bread and fish. In front of the rock is the mosaic representation of the bread and fish.

The church is currently under the administration of the Benedictine Order. It is one of the Christian sites in Israel which has the greatest number of pilgrims.


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