Trappist Monastery, Latrun Israel

After our Armored Corps tour, we made a stop at the Trappist Monastery. Its building is quite impressive, but I am more impressed with the nice gardens and orchards surrounding it. The Trappist Monastery is run by Cistercian monks, who are said to be a strictly austere group of monks. They are known to live simply, having a vow of silence.

The monks earn their living by growing grapes which are used as part of Israel’s wine production. The monks are also known for their olive oil products, which are on sale at a shop within the premises of the monastery.

Originally the location of the present monastery only has the Maccabee Guest House which was built by a Christian. The Trappist Monastery was built when he sold it to the monks who were among the first guests of the Maccabbee house and decided to stay in the place.

From the Trappist Monastery, you can have a clear view of the Mini Israel and the Armored Corps.


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