Another Day in Jerusalem Israel

We were at the Tel Aviv Ha' Hagana Train Station 7.30 AM,
an hour earlier than the next train arrival schedule

Beefed-up security at the station

The train ride took almost 2 hours to reach Jerusalem

The white city atop the mountain - a scene outside the Jerusalem - Malcha station

Autobus number 6 yet to arrive

Waiting for brunch to be served at Gulindo

Safra Square
The Municipality of Jerusalem

Start of the Damascus Road
On our way to the Damascus Gate

Damascus Gate of the Old City

Busy commercial alley just by the area of the Holy Sepulchre Church

Exterior of the Holy Sepulchre Church

Cardo Jewish Quarter

Jewish Quarter - the best maintained of the 4 quarters

Cardo Ruins and Excavations

Galleries on Jewish art, particularly painting, abound in the Jewish Quarter

Giant Menorrah

Pillars at Cardo

The Dome of the Rock

The hot wind blows hard, so we held on to our kippahs to keep them in place
Jewish boys whispering their prayers to the Wailing Wall

A short rest before we headed to Jaffa road where we took
our sherut ride back to Tel Aviv

Our feet are standing by the gates of Jerusalem,
Jerusalem that are built is a city that is compact together
One of the hottest days of summer it was, yet we still decided to make the most of our trip in Jerusalem this time.

We traveled to Jerusalem by train, the comfort of which (plus the panoramic windows) easily compensated for the long travel. The train station at Tel Aviv Ha' Hagana is just near the Tachana Merchazit, which surprisingly was already open at 8AM.

Actually, this Jerusalem trip was organized for Alvin, the newest member of the Philippine Embassy Israel. We prodded him to make true his promise of kissing the Jerusalem soil if we accompany him there at the soonest time. Well, promises are indeed made to be broken.

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