Gan Hashelosha: Beit Shean Region, Israel

We (and the kids definitely) got the swim of our lives last Friday at the Beit Shean Valley’s Gan HaShelosha National Park (also known as Park of the Three), one of Israel’s more popular natural park.

Originally, we were set to hit the beaches at Netanya, wanting to venture a little farther away from nearby Tel Aviv beach (we frequent the beach just front of Manta Ray Restaurant as well as that in Chinky).

Good thing Israeli friend Ariella suggested that we try and enjoy Gan HaShelosha and its natural pools. And true enough, it was really a great swim experience. It was a water park paradise, complete with pools of varying water depths, falls, picnic grounds and a restaurant.

Albeit I thought it is not that accessible for the ordinary tourists, many come in droves obviously undaunted by the long-hour drive just to enjoy the place. What’s amazing is that Gan HaShelosha is not only popular to the Israelis but to the Arabs as well.

We would have stayed much longer if it were not Shabbat. The kids reluctantly pulled themselves out of the water upon instructions of the pool lifeguards. It was quite far and travel to the park was long, but the unique fun we had at Gan Hashelosha is simply worth it.


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