Israel's "Danger of Death" Street Sign

I rarely encounter street signs with the “death” word – I think I did twice so far. One was in Manila, where concrete islands in the middle of the super highways have huge sign boards with the line “Crossing can Kill you” (in Tagalog).

And the second is here in Israel. I am sure many, especially those from Tel Aviv, know the “Beware of Death” signs attached on the electric posts on the city sidewalks.

In both instances, I can’s help but really ask if there is solid validity in using the “death” word itself just to get the message of potential danger across.

On the other hand, it has become an amusement of sorts for some. A friend, upon seeing the sign on the post in front of the RP embassy in Bnei Dan Street was pleasantly delighted with it, albeit also befuddled with why the people or company-in-charge (the local utility or perhaps the city engineering) should come up with such a grim sign, which is short of being morbid. I myself thought – why not just use the word “danger” instead, which is a more appropriate and refined substitute.

Anyway, Israel has its share of interestingly odd street signs, and definitely the “Beware of Death” sign is one of them (or so I thought).


Ernest-jr said…
I had to make a correction on my own post.. Clearly the word danger is already present in the sign.. And I think that would already suffice.

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