Tel Aviv and Manila: Cities Far Apart

I came across a tool measuring distance between two cities – a service from GEObytes. So I fancied measuring the distance between Tel Aviv, Israel and Manila. What I got was 8813 kilometers. I thought that it is such a huge number; obviously Israel is worlds away from the Philippines.

Albeit I wish the number could have also been translated into something more easily imaginable. Perhaps they can also describe the distance between Tel Aviv and Manila as something like for example, 100,000 cans of cola forming a line. Or perhaps some how-many-numbers of sea-sailing hours.

Anyway, the measuring service likewise notes that such measurement of distance is arrived at “as the crow flies,” which means that the distance is measured using the direct and shortest route between any two cities. Tel Aviv and Manila’s longitude and latitude are used in the calculation of the distance, therefore such distance differ greatly from driving distance.


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