Bet Jamal - Jerusalem Hills in Israel

In Israel’s Jerusalem Hills, just a few kilometers south of Beit Shemesh is Beit Jamal. Here is where you can find the monastery of the Nuns belonging to the Sisters of Bethlehem. There means of livelihood is by creating artful potteries. While all take taken the strict vow of silence, the nuns who tend to the pottery store are allowed to speak.

The surrounding of the place is like that of a villa’s, and apparently not only religious activities are being held there. On the entrance are benches where mountain bikers group – perhaps Beit Shemesh is their starting point to a long and rough dusty road ride, or the place has served as a stopover for a much-needed rest.

For those with scientific leanings, this may come as a surprise. Do you know that the Salesian Monks of Beit Shemesh still maintains a meteorological station which was built in 1919? The first meteorological station I have visited in Israel, and by accident even.

Beit Shemesh is where stands Saint Stephen’s Church, in honor of the first ever Christian Saint. Many pictures that I have posted here are on St. Stephen’s.


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