More Jaffa Tel Aviv Pictures

Silvi and Julian, thrilled to be in Tel Aviv Israel

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

St. Peter's Church

Pishpeshim Seller


Street around the Pishpeshim area, selling more on
Arabic and Middle Eastern wares

Back of St Peter's Church

Fly Fishing at Jaffa Port

Jaffa Port

Silvi and the Giant Whale at Jaffa

Every time we have guests coming over from abroad to Israel, usually the first place that we tour them around is the Jaffa Hill here in Tel Aviv.

My newfound friends Julian and Silvi, who are on a quick two-week vacation, simply love Jaffa Hill, especially its galleries and art shops.

Julian is a passionate photographer who owns a digital camera way “hi-tech” than mine. He got to know about my blog, and offered that some of his pictures be posted here. Of course, I would be crazy if I decline, so here they are.

The nice, vivid photographs above are from his Nikon Digital.


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