St. John Ba Harim Church - Ein Karem Jerusalem Israel

Entrance to the St. John Ba Harim Compound

Saint John the Baptist is Yohanan haMatbil in Hebrew

The Church might be imposing on the outside but charming on its interior, as like the Ein Karem town

Manang Josie, RP Embassy's "tourist guide" being greeted by Father Michael

St John Ba Harim Altar. To its left is a stairway leading to a cave which is said to be where Zachary and Mary lived

Entrance Leading to the Byzantine Tomb

Wishing Well on the grounds of St. John ba Harim Church

RP Embassy Collecting Officer Christophe David and wife Meann. On the background (atop the mountain) is the Russian Orthodox Church or the Moscovite Monastery, as affectionately called by the locals

Friday last week saw us going to the mountains located on the eastern part of Jerusalem Israel. In the midst you can find the picturesque hill town of Ain Karem or En Karim.

As first timers to the place, we simply were at awe with the European impression that Ain Karem has given us, as it is almost similar to the quaint villages in Italy.

A laidback town, with olive orchards and vineyards, as well as stone houses with terraces, Ain Karem is a place where you are sure its residents know one another. It is easily one of the best towns in Israel.

The town is where the Church of St. John ba Harim (Hebrew of St. John in the Mountain). The Church is believed to be where St. John the Baptist was born.

Presently, it is being run and maintained by Franciscan priests from Spain. Likewise, most of the Church’s interior decorations are donated by the Spanish people.


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