Trip to the Dead Sea

We managed to reach the Dead Sea at 2pm - we seemed to enjoy more having a
good rest after the long travel than eating our lunch
Magnificent mountains, acting as worthy backdrop to the Dead Sea

Metal shed trails that lead toward the the Dead Sea

Nice Dead Sea view
"Mud People" - hoping for the healthful benefits (read: miracle) from the Dead Sea mud

Chester Omaga Diaz - Enjoying a good read while floating at the Dead Sea

Frenchman Julien - First time Dead Sea floater cum Missalette reader

Sylvie: "Everything can get salty and wet, but not my Missalette"

If in Tel Aviv, the weather is unbearably humid, at the Dead Sea it's feverishly hot! If only for this discomfort, I am quick to decide that going there at this time of the year is a mistake. However, the grandeur of the Dead Sea as well as the surrounding gargantuan mountains crawling around compensate for everything else that we complained about (especially our bus with its non-functional aircon units). Still and all, the Dead Sea is one of the best spots to visit in Israel. Hopefully, we will be back again for a much more enjoyable visit perhaps before this year's winter sets in.


Julien Giudici said…
Hi Bong,

Thank you for you news pictures. It's very good. I hope you are ok !
I look your blog regulary.

See you !

Ernest-jr said…
Hi Julien! Great to hear from you again! Say hi to Sylvie for me okay?

Visit Israel again!


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