United Buddy Bear in Israel

The United Buddy Bears from afar, lined up at the Municipality of Jerusalem's Safra Square
United Buddy Bears with open arms, signifying nations and societies
welcoming everyone else, regardless of race and color
Posing with our Buddy Bear

Sylvia with the French Buddy Bear
The United Buddy Bears are creating a buzz at the Safra Square of the Municipality in Jerusalem Israel.

The colorful bear exhibition is intended to foster peace, unity and harmony among countries.

If you have been to the square, you will see the Israeli bear flanked by that of Iraq and Iran, which was specifically requested by the Municipality. This creates a symbolic gesture of the possibility of true and lasting friendship.

Happily, we huddled around our very own Philippine Buddy Bear, uniquely designed with a regal-looking eagle.


zeee said…
This post just makes me so happy.
Ernest-jr said…
thanks for visitng zeee...

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