Elijah's Cave of Haifa Israel

During our trip to Haifa, major port of Israel, we did not go straight to the Bahai Gardens, but instead passed by first at Elijah’s Cave, which is found at the Cape Carmel’s area, just below the Stella Maris Monastery.

One of Israel’s well-known biblical sites and Haifa’s popular tourist attractions, the cave is so-called because it is said to be where Elijah, a Hebrew prophet, stayed and preached. It is a much revered place, as it was here where he stayed to meditate before conquering Baal’s prophets. Upon his return from exile, Elijah used the cave as his place for preaching.

Elijah’s Cave welcomes everyone and is a blessed place to all – Christians, Muslims and Jews. Another story is that Joseph, Mary and the Holy Child Jesus stayed at the cave one night as they passed by it going home from Egypt.


Rainbow River said…
I missed out on visiting Eliyahu's cave circa 2003=( The Scriptures say he will return physically prior to Yeshua's return in great power and majesty...

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