Etzel House of Israel: Muzeum of the Irgun

Just outside Jaffa is where you can find the Irgun museum, which is dedicated to the secret Zion military group operating in Palestine in the 30’s and 40’s.

Upon personally seeing the museum, it really is apparent that the structure owns strong elements of being a mighty military fortress.

Also known in Israel for its Hebrew acronym Etzel, the organization fought against the Palestinian and Arab groups, with the main ideology that all Jews have the right to Palestine – be able to go and live there. It can also be said that the Irgun was formed in reaction to the many riots happening then.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky is Irgun’s first leader and recognized as one of the important political leaders of the Irgun. His political views become a basis of the Zionist policy – which is leaning on activism and social orientation. The last Chief Commander of the Irgun, and one whom I am more familiar with is Menahem Begin, once Israel’s Prime Minister.

Eventually, the Irgun was dissolved and merged with the Israel Defense Forces.


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