The Tree at Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv

"One hundred year old" tree planted in a concrete enclosure ,
obviously telling of its importance

Will someone please translate, especially the Hebrew line in quotations

Yesterday, I decided on taking some morning walk at the Hayarkon Park along Bnei Dan Street in Tel Aviv. Just on the area of the park near the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv, I chanced upon this 100 year old tree. I say 100 years old because the number is indicated in the Hebrew sign, obviously referring to the tree’s age. This is as far as I can guess. Perhaps the sign tells about the species of the tree, and its significance. I want to know more, so I stopped one bike rider to solicit a quick translation. Well, he said the sign is about “Respecting the elderly as they deserve such treatment.” I tried to ask for a more detailed translation, but he says it’s difficult to translate it in English. Perhaps anyone here can help? I feel a little sad about the tree because it looks lifeless to me, with all the leaves already gone and barks shedding off. I am sure that the poor thing that's almost devoid of life is being kept and preserved because of its historical importance.


Fern Chasida said…
The saying in quotes is from the Bible, Leviticus 19:32 and it is the second part of a passage that begins you should rise in the presence of an elder and "give honor to an old person"
This 100 year old ficus tree was rehabilitated by the Ganei Yehoshua association.
Ernest-jr said…
Thanks so much fern chasida for the explanation!
AmiV said…
The quote approximatly says "... and you will respect the face of an old man..." it probably means, respect the elderly and also adore them. The tree is indeed about 100 years old. Thanks again for the nice photos!

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