Restaurants You Can Find at Jaffa Hills

If you think that the Jaffa Hills in Tel Aviv are all but archaeological diggings and finds, theatres, parks and mazes of art galleries and antique shops, better visit the place again as the hills has its share of Israel’s finest restaurants. I myself was quite surprised that there are food establishments within the hills. One establishment which I have not noticed to be around, ironically very near to the Catholic St Peter’s Church is the Bernhardt Show Restaurant. Of course, I already know (and even had some eats) about the food kiosk cum souvenir shop just near Saint Peter’s, and the Aladdin Restaurant, which is strategically located in the hills, overlooking the Jaffa Beach and the Mediterranean Sea. Aladdin’s nice features are its open veranda available for dining, and from which you can have a spectacular view of Tel Aviv, as well as a great variety of delicious food choices. As you go down the Jaffa Hills straight to Yefet Street or Jaffa Street (if you turn left) you will chance upon the Abuoelafia Restaurant, which is housed on a quite imposing building and primarily serving Arabic cuisine.


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