Crabs from Jafa Port, Tel Aviv

If you are sea food lover and crave for only the best quality fish and crabs, then you have to visit the Jafa Port at Yafo Tel Aviv. We usually go there very early at 6 am in the morning of Saturday, so Shabbat for the fishermen is still a working day.

The earlier you go to the port, the better – late mornings will see yourself competing with more people for the best fish buys.

Usually the entrance of the port already bustles with activities, and often times I already buy there that I don’t need to go further into the port.

Last time I was quite late in going to the port, around 8 am, and I found myself the middle of huddle of prospective buyers and onlookers – waiting for the fisherman to untangle his catch of crabs off the net. I love crabs (which I cook either steamed or simmered for hours in coconut milk and ginger) so patiently I waited – it would be great if I can buy even just two kilos of these deliciously tasting crustaceans.

However, our patience seems far greater than our main man as he frustratingly broke off several appendages of every poor crab, apparently in his haste to make ready for selling all his harvest from the Mediterranean Sea.

Who would want to buy leg-less and pincer-less crabs? I might. In fact I did – as I have no choice but to content myself with a kilo of crabs (5 pieces) and hurriedly turned back towards home as it was already late.

Fish – I will just buy next time around. Some denis would be nice, with sweet, chili and sour sauce. But for that day, I got myself some crab – leg-less, pincer-less and all – yet a great fill I still had.


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