Israel Unfurls the Biggest Flags in the World

Banner on the Unfurling Occasion at Israel's Masada Airfield

Filipinos Holding Israeli and Philippine Flags

Fil Caregivers and Israeli youth joined together in the unfurling of the flags

Unfurled Phil flag measures 18,818 square meters...

While the Israeli flag measures 18,843 square meters

Grace Galindez Gupana congratulated by Guiness officer Andrea Banfi as RP Embassy to Israel Charge d'Affaires and Consul General Gilberto Asuque looks on

Guinness Certificate for Record of World's Largest Flags
It took four hectares – roughly the size of 3 football fields – to accommodate the showcasing of the Israeli and Philippine Flags at Israel’s Masada Airfield last November 25. Created by Filipina businessman Grace Gupana, the gargantuan flags were unfurled by hundreds of volunteers composed of Filipino caregivers and Israeli youths. They were joined by Philippine Embassy to Israel Charge d’Affaires Gilberto G.B. Asuque and Israel’s Tourism Director General Shaul Zemach.

The Phil and Israel Flags was a generous contribution of Mrs Gupana to the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Establishment of Friendship and Diplomatic Relations between our country and the State of Israel. The occasion was even made more special - and the records, official - as the Guiness World Records Officials flew in from the UK to certify both flags as the largest in the world.


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