Mosaics at Tel Aviv's Shalom Tower

Shalom Tower, once Israel's tallest

Mosaic art works worthy of everyone's admiration

Mosaics at Shalom Tower Lobby were a masterpiece by Nahum Gutman

Mosaic representation of the Old Jaffa, its port and the Mediterranean

Depiction of the daily activities in Old Jaffa

Tel Aviv's first city lamp

I am a frequent visitor of Shalom Tower, specifically the Post Office at its ground floor for my letters and money transfer concerns. The tower, located just near Allenby at Tel Aviv, had the distinction of being Israel's tallest building during the 70's and 80's.

Every time I am at Shalom, I never fail to check on the mosaic art works at the lobby. Colorful, intricate and bursting with life and vibrance, the mosaics tell about the early life and happenings in Tel Aviv and the Old City of Jaffa.

The mosaics were done in 1970, a masterpiece by Romanian-born Nahum Gutman, considered the foremost artist of Tel Aviv in the city’s early days. Of course, today Gutman is recognized as one of Israel’s finest gentlemen of art. A museum was founded after him, the Gutman Museum, located at the Neve Tsedek.


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