A Day's Visit to Beersheva

At last, we get to see the Bedouin Market, Beersheva (from left: Me'an and Mrs. Hamoy, Chito, RP Embassy to Israel Vice Consul Hamoy, and Alvin)

A fully-clothed Beersheva woman checks on some jeans, which I
thought were cheaply sold on the market

Mrs Hamoy tries her haggling skills as a home decor item catches her fancy, while Messrs Thaddeus and Alvin looks on - as backups perhaps?

Seller mending a tear on a jacket - one of the many
winter wears he sells at the Bedouin Market
Beersheva local men selling spices and logs

Karl Berg is an Israeli food company famous for its
quality cold cuts and meat products

Where we failed at Pishpeshim, at Beersheva Mall we had a grand time; big discounts on great items, we just had to shop like crazy!

Finally, we were able to visit Beersheva, which a friend amusingly calls Beer of Sheva (like we used to think it is Israel’s beer capital). We have been planning to go this Negev desert city but the last summer’s heat was just too much for us to brave the required long travel.

Actually our main reason for traveling to Beersheva (or Be’er Shava in Hebrew) is to visit its Bedouin Market (Pishpeshim). This southern city of Israel is known for its significant number of Bedouin residents who primarily consider Beersheva as a great place for doing business.

From Tel Aviv, we rode the train and traveled for 2 hours to Beersheva’s Central Bus Station. Just near the station was the Bedouin market, which we thought quite pales in comparison with the Pishpeshim of Tel Aviv Jaffa, although many sellers do offer quite interesting wares.

Fortunately, we came to Beersheva at the perfect time, as the shopping mall just adjacent to the Tachana Merkazit (Bus Station) holds a mall-wide sale. Everyone had a grand time buying sweaters and long-sleeve shirts at half their prices.

However, luck is not always on our side as the train bogged down and the last trip back home got cancelled. There was a lone bus, but with the long line of weary passengers, we realized that we have to come up with other transportation option. Finally, we took the Tel Aviv car service and had to shell out 350 shekels for the fare to Tel Aviv.

What we planned was bringing home some goodies from the Bedouin market, but got shopping bags full of nice branded clothes instead. Overall, it was a great if tiring adventure we experienced at Beersheva. A very nice city indeed, but I will always settle for Jaffa’s Pishpeshim anytime.


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