Nation's Leaders Park of Israel

Bird's eyeview of the Nation's Leaders Park, built
in celebration of Israel's 60 years as a State

The gate of the Park, with the 33 flags of countries who supported the UN Resolution 181. Exactly in the middle of the group is the Philippine Flag.

The Nation's Leaders Park honors the
great leaders and fathers of the Jewish State of Israel

While the largest Philippine flag was unfurled here in Israel, another flag of ours proudly flies at the newly opened Nation’s Leaders Park located at the City of Rishon LeZion, Israel. The RP is displayed along with 32 nations at the Park in recognition of their support to the UN General Assembly Resolution 181 (also known as the UN Partition Plan. It is worth noting that the Philippines is the only country from Asia that fully gave support to the UN resolution. The 4-hectare park is mainly built in celebration of the Israel’s 60 years as a state and likewise as tribute to its great leaders. The Nation’s Leaders Park is now considered by many as a major memorial area offering visitors a proud, rich display of Zionist values.


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