Food, Fruits - Everywhere in Israel

Israel is bless with overflowing bounty, especially in food, an indispensable to the daily lives of Israelis. That's why food and fruit stores and stalls are found all around the place. Whether you are in Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, at a Ramat Aviv Mall, or at the food stalls inside the Old City in Jerusalem , you will find everything you need that will satisfy your fancy. (Pictures taken at the Old City. Our friend Me'an gamefully poses, while the able photographer is her hubby, Philippine Embassy in Israel Officer Chito David.)
Israel is the land of milk and honey (and cheese)!
Olives can be such a treat

Strawberries... pomegranates, anyone?

Fruits of all colors, available on this stand

Dried fruits, simply baking indispensables, especially to Me'an


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