More of Bethlehem Christmas

Jaffa in Tel Aviv is where you have to go if you want to experience even just a tiny taste of the Yuletide Season. A few stores along Yerushalayim Street selling Christmas wares, and some Christian Arabs displaying bright multi-colored lights on their window grills. Xmas came and went in Yafo and I was left wanting so much. That's why it is a must that we go to Bethlehem every year to hear the mass and celebrate the Christmas Day there. Bethlehem is the closest here in Israel to the uber merry experiences we have in Manila.

And pictures, Bethlehem Christmas pictures. I still have many and definitely must have them here despite already having worn out my post Yuletide blues. Better late than never. Besides, there's a saying that "Everyday is Christmas Day!"

Manger display in front of Bethlehem store

This display has wood logs as base

Arab clothing store

Christmas Greeting Banners and decors abound in the city

Santa Claus decors and sweet treats sold in this store

Air of Christmas frenzy apparent in the Nativity Square

Christmas Decors hanging in front of Mosque

Merry Christmas from Bethlehem!

Yuletide Greetings from Palestine

Chito and Mean: "At last, we're getting inside (Nativity Church)!"

See how the church is lavishly decorated

The figure of baby Jesus under the altar


Julien Giudici said…
Hi bong !!

Thank you for your pictures oh merry christmas, they are very beautiful and I like it.

I hope, your ok !! Chester and Francois are in Filipino for 1 month. I hope go too in Filipino when you return for holidays for example with Chester !

See you

Julien Giudici said…
And of course in Israel, I think et august 2009.

Thank you again for all.

Ernest-jr said…
hi julien,

Thanks so much for liking my pictures. Sure, hopefully I will be there in manila when you visit it (hope I will be free to visit the philippines then..LOL). And of course, see you soon here in Israel. 2009? Why don't you make it much earlier, like this year?
Hi to Sylvie, miss you guys!!!
David Ben-Ariel said…
Hello Ernest,
Looking at your pictures and comments reminds me of being in Bethlehem for "the mass of Christ" with other kibbutz volunteers.

BS Tutu, Bethlehem, Jerusalem

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