Happy Passover from Israel-Sun

Spring season is happening in Israel, and so is Pesach, a major one in the list of Jewish holidays. Pesach is currently being celebrated throughout the country. Kids are found away from the schools and into most parks here in Tel Aviv, enjoying their two weeks of vacation.

Even families, religious and otherwise, go in droves to parks (Bnei Dan Park has been fully packed since last week) and beaches with their bicycles and picnic bags spending much of the afternoon hours playing together – seemingly Pesach is the perfect bonding time-holiday I thought.

The MFA and other Israeli government agencies and private companies are either closed for the holidays or open half-day. Cafes are full to the brim (obviously Israelis are coffee lovers – are they the world’s largest consumers?). So are the beaches, parks and just about any area that can accommodate congregation of people.

It’s just unfortunate (for me at least) that malls, most stores, the Carmel market were closed (especially last Sunday). I had no choice but just to stay at home and do some really good house cleaning.

And so as the population go through with their “spring cleaning” and other customary activities for this particular Jewish holiday, I am observing with great interest the goings-on and the celebrations of my Jewish brothers as a third straight Pesach happens before me.

And by the way, I tried the Matzah last year and simply loved it; however I have yet to buy some for this year's Passover. I might purchase some from the nearby store anytime - I can't afford to let some great-tasting hummus that I already bought last week go to waste. I got to enjoy some great Matzah-hummus sandwich.

Hag Pesach Sameach!


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