Port Yafo's Fishless Saturday

All are waiting for fishermen to ready up their fish catch for selling
No (cheap) fish? Go for nice crabs instead!

This morning was quite a cold, sun-less (well almost, the sun barely can peer through the gray cloudy sky) Tel Aviv day. We knew that we cannot expect so much fish on sale today and so it is not going to be the usual cheap-fish day. Still we decided to go to Yafo Port (before taking some promenade at Jaffa Beach), hoping for some boats already present with their catch for the day. There where two boats that came in as we arrived. There are not a single angler fly fishing by the side of the port. Not to many buyers in sight, not even the groups of Filipino live in caregivers whom we usually encounter at the port during weekends. We knew it all along. Fish (danis) are sold at 50 shekels a kilo, 20 to 25 shekels higher than the usual price. Mang Bert instead bought some crabs at 100 shekels for 2 kilos (ordinarily for the same price, we can buy 3 kilos of crabs). Hopefully, fish will be more bountiful (and with prices back to normal) next week.


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