The Cats of Tel Aviv

I stumbled on some of my cat pictures, and found myself writing about them. These cats - they are simply everywhere in Israel (or Tel Aviv at least). I see them loitering in parks or wandering at the Jaffa beach. I observe that there is an orange-coated one that loves to stay the whole afternoon along our Even Shoshan apartment halls.

Once, I chanced upon an area going to Yafo Port where a group of feral cats are having their meal; the cat grub simply littered the sidewalk. But in no time was the food gone with the army of cat taking care of “cleaning up” the mess.

Well, I have yet to see an Israeli caring and petting a cat. Or perhaps, they are not so open about their fondness for this particular feline species. As how I observe it, cats (at least the feral cats) here in Israel are generally left on their own. For this comment, I have to say that I might be wrong.

But definitely, I cannot say the same about the dogs; they are loved, overly petted, walked by their owners for hours, talked to amiably, given the best dog chow – they are just simply well-loved by the Israelis. They are a pampered lot, thousand times more than their feline counterparts.

But the dogs being kings among Israeli pets is another story. Right now, this post (and my heart) goes for the underdog – the cat.


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