Night at Jaffa's Pishpeshim (Flea Market)

The first was summer of last year, but I was only able to go this time – at the Pishpeshim Night Market here in Yafo Tel Aviv. I love it – the evening was cool, the atmosphere was more like the street market during Tuesdays and Fridays at Nachalat Binyamin and Ramban streets (near Allenby). Of course, there were lot of nice wares, wears and goodies sold; most were brand new, unlike the used ones peddled during ordinary days at the market. In a street corner or two were comic acts and skits performed to the amusement of the crowd. There was a 10 foot tall fairy constantly waving her wand to anyone who goes near her, two Elvis Presley impersonators lip syncing to the King of Rock ‘n Roll’s old tunes and a green attired elf man, singing lustily in the middle of the street. Located on the center of the flea market was a band playing – in the midst of many listeners (some comfortably lounged on sofas), obviously appreciative of the Israeli music these night troubadours enthusiastically played.


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