Finally...a Blog Update

I feel so guilty about neglecting my ‘baby’. Has it really been more than a month since my last post at my Tel Aviv Yafo Israel Sun blog? Perhaps, I was too busy monetizing my other blogger and word press blogs that I did not realize my Israel blog is terribly wanting of even a short post. Is it really that hard for me to write even just a snippet of anything about Israel?

If the intention of writing one is just to make my blog breathing, updated and sound, SEO wise, then short passages can be easily churned out. Indeed, it is not that difficult to write a post of 200 to 500 words, even without saying anything meaningful. Which brings me to the point – I actually have nothing relevant to say.

My past weeks and months have been dull, bland, colorless, lifeless as far as personal goings-on are concerned, except like I said earlier, I am fiercely focused on my other blogs. I continuously do some tweaks here and there, replacing website themes and templates with supposedly better ones, implementing various SEO techniques, hoping all these would do wonders as far as adsense earnings are concerned.

In the case of my Israel blog, I did not include it in my blog monetization, being a journal-type blog. Still, I intended my Israel blog as that – my day-to-day personal journal of sorts of my stay here. Easily my bad for not having updated it as often as I can. Hopefully, this will be the start of a more regular updating of this blog.

By the way, a great number of unused Tel Aviv Yafo photos stored on my computer was gone – lost forever. The pc turned haywire, then went kaput! The reformatting done on it meant losing all my nice pictures forever. Such as waste. And so bear with me if I resort for the meantime to borrowing great Tel Aviv Israel photos (like what you see inserted on this post) from For those who need amazing pictures on anything, this site is indeed a great source. Just remember to take pictures from the Creative Commons Attribution – Share-Alike license category of And acknowledging the owner of the picture is a must. This is done by placing the owner’s URL anywhere in the post on which his photo is used.
Image credit for all the Tel Aviv Yafo photos: EagleXDV


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