Nazareth Village, Israel – Home of Jesus

Nazareth Village offers exactly what the pilgrims from all over the world come to the Israel for – that is, to have the blessed experience of being in the Holy Land and a glimpse of the home of Jesus and how He and many others during His time lived their simple lives in Nazareth.

Actually, the place is on a patch of farmland sitting within the now modern city of Nazareth. The Nazareth Village itself was like a wide area museum, only that it is open air. The place was like a gargantuan stage which methodically reconstructs and even reenacts the typically village life then in Galilee during the time of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We went there supposedly on spring, but that particular day was a warm one. As already said, it was like an open air museum, and so we had to immediately take off our warm clothes immediately upon alighting from our air-conditioned bus as the blazing heat from the sun immediately took its toll upon many of us.

The village features a number of houses and caves and terraced fields. There were also wine and olive presses, all of which were recreated to mimic those that supposedly existed in a typical Galilee village during the first Century.

Upon entering the village, you are immediately greeted by the “villagers,” who are actually from Nazareth. Christian and Arab actors “dramatized” every possible moment that might have occurred on any typical Nazareth day. They wore period costumes and in their actions demonstrated how domestic tasks and farm work happened then.

There was also a demonstration of how olive and wine were made via pressing. We saw women spinning, weaving and even baking bread, with the men, even the elderly, tilling their soil to plant the staples of their time.

Indeed, we had an enriching and gratifying time with our visit of the Nazareth Village. The tour definitely offered us the eye-opening experience of how the early life was in the village and home of Jesus, our Lord.


amerisrael said…
Would love to visit Nazareth, Jericho, and Bethlehem, but--

until those areas are once again under the sovereignty and security of the State of Israel, I won't spend one penny there!

Will continue to boycott those areas as long as they are under the control of the Fatah PLO which seeks to destroy our ally Israel.

Want to help the dwindling Christian population of Betlehem?

Then write the Israeli government and ask them to re-exert sovereignty and security over their own land.

Netanyahu should never have signed these areas over to Arafat in the first place.

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