From Tel Aviv to Paris

As I left Tel Aviv Israel with a heavy heart, I did not immediately go straight home. Instead, I had the chance to enjoy five days of stay in Paris France. These 5 days were simply the best days of my life. How lucky can one get?

I remember when I was still in Tel Aviv, I chanced upon a restaurant along the rows at Jaffa Beach displaying a small model of the Eiffel in front of the establishment. I was amazed with the lights that enveloped the miniature.

I took some pictures of it but lost them when I accidentally reformatted my PC without even saving all the stored pictures. Now I have fresh pictures of the real thing and posted them in my blog on France. I was all the more fascinated by the dazzling yellow lights that clothe it.

I always say that I found a second home in Tel Aviv Israel. But I left my heart in Paris.


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