Tel Aviv Apartments – Israel’s Bauhaus

There's no doubt about it, Tel Aviv Apartments of Bauhaus architecture are certainly one of the more unique residential types this side of the world. Bauhaus architecture prevails in the city of Tel Aviv, with more than five thousands of these buildings found scattered in the capital and all over the country. I used to call them white colored box buildings when I saw them upon arriving for the first time in Israel. This is likewise the observation of most; this is why the Jewish City is also known as the White City.

Here is a short clip on Bauhaus Tel Aviv Exhibits, which discusses briefly the particular architecture. It likewise offers detailed view of this fascinating building type, which in my opinion is the most livable, airy, roomy and easy to maintain Tel Aviv Apartments.


Serena said…
I like the modern yet uniquely Israeli design of these apartments. This just shows that architecture can make modern designs while still leaving a place for preservation.

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