Tel Aviv Flights – Want to Fly to Israel?

Everyone loves Tel Aviv. It is seen by many as the most cosmopolitan among the many Cities by the Mediterranean Sea. And this is why Tel Aviv flights are among the most in-demand of all flights going to the Middle East.

What can any visitor expect from this amazingly cool city that will make him immediately fly to Israel? Known to many as the White city, if only because of the thousands of predominantly white-colored Bauhaus structures found all over this Israeli Capital. It can be quiet especially during Shabbat, which usually starts before the Friday sunset and ends Saturday evening shortly after 3 stars appear. Shabbat by the way is the 7th day of the Jewish Week, and is the version of the Sabbath.

You can actually go and walk along Yerushalayim or Yefet Streets (where you can find the famous Abuelafia Bakery) in Tel Aviv Yafo and notice how cars hardly pass by. Most stores are closed except for some, which actually got permission from the government just to operate during Shabbat. By the way, popular Israeli clothing shop, Castro has its branch in front of the Clock Tower open for operation as well as most other branches anywhere in the city even on Shabbat.

Going back to the city's quiet weekend, it can be deceiving as the action can actually be seen on the beaches of Tel Aviv, like the Jaffa Beach, as well as that in front of the rows of Hotels, including Hilton, Marina and Sheraton. If you are somebody who loves to stay at the park for hours, then in Tel Aviv, Israel it is certainly a place to go during weekends or even weekdays. Some of the more visited parks of Tel Aviv are the Bnei Dan Park and the Charles Clore Park.

Another very visible establishment in the City is the coffee shop; it seems to have café on corners of every street. Apparently, Israelis are coffee lover, and more often than not they enjoy having their piping hot cup of coffee or choco with great conversations among friends. As it is, these are reasons why when you are in the city, you can actually have the best of both worlds – lots of quiet time if you need it and piece of the action if you decide on some city fun and excitement. Indeed, there are so many great things to do in Tel Aviv.

Despite the expensiveness of an average Tel Aviv flight, a lot of tourists still have serious plans for their trip to Israel. Normally a round trip ticket from the USA starts at $1,200.00. You can actually trim down the price by making thorough research online for some cheap flights to Tel Aviv. There are actually airlines which offer significantly discounted air fares at certain times of the year. Scouting for tickets can require loads of work but the effort is actually worth it as you will most likely land a ticket with a price that you can definitely afford.

The best time for a Tel Aviv tour is during the good weathers of springtime and fall. One is sure to experience the best climate and is definitely conducive to touring around the city via car service, the traditional taxi, sherut, which is the Israeli version of Taxi or autobus, the Israeli bus. Tel Aviv weather during these times of the year are generally pleasant and so is the perfect time to go to the famous Historical and Biblical Sites found in the city as well as in Jerusalem and other places.

Suffice it to say, for those who want to travel to Israel and enjoy immensely all the country’s awesomeness, Tel Aviv Flights can be had by easily purchasing your plane tickets to Israel from major airline companies such as El Al (the state's national air carrier), Arkia, Cathay, Air France, Continental and US Airways. All of these airlines have website on which you can log on and check on prices. You can certainly compare prices of various plane tickets to Israel in order to land the best priced ticket, one that’s most appropriate for your budget. With little work, you are sure to be seeing yourself fly to Israel in no time at all. The fact is, I have plans myself of going back to country, a year from now or a little later. Even after more than five years of uninterrupted stay, I seem to not get enough of it. I simply miss the place. So, see you all there!


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