Take a Peek at Tel Aviv Yafo

If you are in Tel Aviv, you will certainly not miss Jaffa. This is an old Mediterranean city that traverses and mixes with the modern touches of a great City. Imagine being in a port that has weathered everything for more than 3000 years?

The Municipality sees immense potential of Jaffa, in terms of Tourism and Economic development. Local and international vacation goers and travelers consider this Mediterranean Israeli port as one of the finest destinations that they can visit and enjoy.

The places boasts of the historic Jaffa Hills, where you can roam around its maze of galleries, museums, Judaica Shops, archaeological ruins, churches, cafes and restaurants, among many others. There are small budget and backpacker hotels that you can go to and book for a great and affordable stay in the city.

Here are a number of historic, popular places that you can go to in Yafo:

1. Clock Tower – Originally built in order of a Turkish King, this tower now serves as the gateway to the city's northern areas. Surrounding it are multitudes of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and Castro, a major Israeli clothing retailer.

2. Shuk HaPishpeshim – A very popular flea market. The best time to go the market is on a Friday morning. The traffic of people, both buyers and sellers, is at its peak before lunch time. You can get anything that your heart desires from Pishpeshim; used clothes, home appliances, segway, gizmos and gadgets, fishing equipment, shoes, ladies’ accessories, and so much more. With 100 shekkels or even less, you will have your fill from Hapishpeshim.

3. Jaffa Beach – Less number of people go here compared to that in TA beach, which stretches farther into North of the City, where the top Tel Aviv hotels are situated. It is one of the best beaches to go to for some quiet time with the family, a walk with the dog, or some play with the Frisbee or Matkot, a paddle game that is considered as the unofficial sport of Israel.

4. Yerushalayim Road – one of my favorite roads in Israel. Here, I can have all the fresh, luscious fruits that I want as fruit stands abound along the stretch of the road. There are two groceries that sell some of the cheapest home and food items. Yerushalayim also boasts of affordable meat shops and chicken stores; they allow me to stay put, instead of having to travel to Carmel Market.

Just at the corner of Yerushalayim and HaYamit is the Superpharm Store, which is a complete source of the Israelis’ medicine and toiletry needs. You can go to its Dollar Store for any item that you might want to send as gifts to young kids.

Simply, one of the places that you mustn’t forget to visit while in Israel is Old Jaffa.

Visiting the place will give you more understanding about the history of Tel Aviv Israel, and how it came to be the modern Jewish City that it is today.


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