My Top 5 Must-Revisit Places in Tel Aviv (If I Get the Chance, that is!)

A few months more and it will be 3 years that I am out of Israel. I left Tel Aviv November 19, and as a boarded the plane bound for France that day, I swore that I will be back.

Three years (almost) and it still remains a dream. But if I have to, I can wait three years more. I’ve plenty of time still to gather the necessary resources (read: 100% money).

It’s a good thing I don’t need a visa anymore to visit the White City. Hopefully, a round trip ticket will land on my lap, as well as a few thousand dollars – and I will hop on a plane to Israel in a heartbeat.

Here are the top five places in israel that I will visit again – If given the opportunity:

1. Yafo

Specifically, I need to visit Shuk HaPishpeshim, walk the length of Yerushalayim and Yefet, check out Jaffa Beach, and stay at the Clock Tower square. I don’t think a week then passed by that I didn’t get to see these places in Yafo.

2. Carmel

While there is a vegetable store and chicken and lamp shop in Yerushalayim, I spent my Friday mornings going to this market just to get everything I need. I would love to visit the Makulit, a friendly Israeli vendor who sells vegetables endemic to the Philippines and Southeast Asia such as kangkong and gabi.

3. Takana Merkazit

This is the Old Central Bus Station and mall that caters to Pinoys. I remember everyone at work going to Takana during Thursday evenings to have their dollars changed to shekels, buy phone cards, and check out cell phones and other gadgets.

4. Tel Aviv Beach

When I was new in the city, the only place that was easy for me to go; since it’s nearest the apartment is the beach. One of the best in the world, my revisit will certainly not be complete If I don’t get to walk along the beach of Tel Aviv again.

5. Bnei Dan

Quiet, romantic, home of Hayarkon Park, Ph Embassy – It will certainly be a dream-come-true not only if I am able to to travel to the White City Israel again, but also if I get to walk this street again. The list is actually endless. Either I will edit this post to add more or simply write another article. But definitely, I will also be able to write a post about my revisit to Israel.


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